Something To Believe In

"Something To Believe In" available to stream on all services

Life Moves Pretty Fast (Ferris Bueller)

Ferris Bueller's Day Off should never be a musical, but if it was... this woudl be the finale.


The Greater Good - Unauthorized Wicked Addition

Performed by Krystina Alabado 

Arranged by Nick Connors

How The Living Could Be

A 40 second glimpse into my quarter life crisis.


My play, The Eulogy Approach, is in development and was set for its first professional reading and workshop in Spring of 2020 with Runyonland Productions. The Eulogy Approach explores the obstacles and joys of instant human connection. Through chance and a series of unexplainable coincidences, a down on his luck barista finds himself alone, after hours, with a young woman in crisis. A one act set in real time, this dramedy follows the two wounded individuals–a dreamer and a realist–through their attempt to mutually navigate family trauma, trust, forgiveness, and ultimately their ability to give over to the moment.

Stills from an early reading of The Eulogy Approach with myself and actress Samantha Littleford.


In order to keep his job at a Manhattan lifestyle magazine, an uptight yuppie gay attends a scrappy anger

management group led by a no bullshit lesbian. Immersed in this new world, he–against his very nature–

attempts to be the nicest guy in the cruelest city.

In this series, we’ll explore how society allows men–specifically gay men–to respond to adversity and the privileged power structure of anger. Nice Guys (Finish Last) could be completed as a one season mini-series following our protagonist’s journey, or

open into a multi-season series exploring his emergence into decency.